Verge - Uptown Living, Downtown Cool
Concept living is always a pleasure to work with — and I’ve had the privilege to work on everything from KB Home developments to Porsche Design Tower with vehicle elevators allowing an attached garage for every suite, include the penthouse. I choose to highlight Verge because of the scope of the project, and because it was good. 
Verge Living was a development in Las Vegas that promoted a living experience reflective of the young hip owner who we targeted to purchase the property. Results? Our radio, building wraps, print, prestige piece coffee table book, long and short brochures, online microsite/banner ads and billboards resulted in 100% pre-sale prior to even breaking ground…which made any additional advertising unnecessary, an example of being undone by your own success. 
Let's look at the work, first stop, website
Print Ads
Sales Office Wall Ads
Prestige Piece
Short Brochure
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