I wish a block of copy on a web page could deliver the excitement I feel for my profession. Let's try anyway. For 20 years I have worked with major, and smaller, brands to create a dialog with their customers. Sometimes it was developing a traditional ad, sometimes web content, sometimes videos. 
The key? To find the strategy that will change or reinforce the desired action. Make it smart. Make it succinct. Make it fun. We're not saving lives...except for the clients where we actually are...but we are finding the reason they should care, and then giving them that. 
Today I have more tools at my disposal than ever before; including social media, apps, email marketing, online portals and traditional media. I'm curious by nature. It's why I've been able to dive in, understand and create compelling materials across the Financial, Technology, Real Estate, Life Style, Medical/Pharma, Manufacturing and Consumables Sectors. 
The buzz phrase right now is all about telling stories, but that's only part of what we do. You need to start with a strategy to discover why people should care and alter their behavior. Then you find the stories that start conversations and lead to real engagement. But to develop a strategy first you need to have a conversation, let's talk!