Experian...freecreditreport...Affinity. Regardless of what you may think of them, their catalog and affiliations are deep. While part of their in-house team I created campaigns and one-offs for their flagships as well as American Express, USAA and Wells Fargo. The opportunity to see and move between very well defined and sculpted brands to ones...with more ambiguous strategic anchors was both a challenge and a joy. Agile, optimization practices, actual SEO testing...we got to dip our toes in it all.
One of the challenges was to educate requesters that people don't but credit scores, they look to credit scores to help them get to both the landmark events and everyday lifestyle that they hope to achieve. At one point I was split off with a team of designers and given cart blanche to lead them in an effort to increase clicks, conversions and member retention. Here's are a few examples of what my team delivered:

And we experimented with different styles of banners and social content
We also built, launched and promoted apps.
and even launched a reward program.
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