Do It Yourself...For Them
I’m blending two clients/assignments into one here. The common thread? My passion for DIY home improvement. In fact I love to build, fix and improve things — when I was a new dad and feeling overwhelmed this was my fallback, something I could easily master. 

Client 1: The DIYZ app, backed by Stanley Black&Decker. Before it reached 1 million downloads, it was an empty frame which needed content. Working with a stellar team of designers, project managers, strategists and the guy who just showed up for meetings we built it from idea to app store. While I wasn’t the driving force - I did contribute to the naming and interface conversation and provided in app content scripting 130 text based tutorials, 16 video scripts and page content for main sections. What a blast!

Client 2: Lowe’s. It’s no secret that big companies are hungry for content. The ask on this assignment was to create highly shareable projects that tied into their main campaign theme (were they had invested budget) and would be relevant to the weekly sales flyer.

Many treatments and rounds of revisions later we 
and a little Lowe's
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