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Suggested headline: Your WiFi Augmented Waitstaff
Next time you eat out, you may notice your waiter’s order pad has had an upgrade. It’s just one example of a new Point of Sales (POS) technology has started popping up in neighborhood eateries. From advanced sales terminals to handheld devices that allow servers to electronically take orders and process payments right from the tableside.
The devices have been well received at local restaurant hotspot Mucho Ultima Mexicana in Manhattan Beach. “We’ll sometimes go to a table maybe three times before an order is taken,” states Cindy Cindy, Mucho Hostess. “The handhelds,” she continued, “dramatically improved how fast our guests received their drink and meal orders. It really cuts down the lag time.”
Mucho OWNER Mike Zislis added, “The mobile devices also cut down on communication errors. Everything from salad dressing to cooking instructions are relayed instantly to the kitchen and our food preparation area. We’ve also found that our table turns have increased, so we have the ability to serve more people than we would normally have.” 
Patrons though, seem not to notice the difference. Said Kimberley Kim “I never really thought about it. I guess they seem more attentive…we waited less, the service was good, we were looked after.”
Don X, President, Custom Business Solution states, “The irony is we’re helping companies process so much more information faster meanwhile their customers see it as streamlining their experience. That’s a win all around.”
POS devices come in a number of sizes, and with various functionalities. Hospitality is just a small part of an almost $6 billion dollar industry. From a business standpoint it increases accuracy and helps track sales and revenue. Wireless POS is having a particular impact on the service industry.
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About: CBS provides a full range of restaurant technology products and services for the restaurant and hospitality industry throughout the Western U.S. From the comprehensive NorthStar Enterprise Framework to fully integrated POSitouch point-of-sale systems, comprehensive training or contract maintenance services, CBS provides operators of all sizes with effective POS and reporting systems to drive their business.
Mucho Ultima Manhattan Beach Restaurateur/hotelier Mike Zislis (Rock 'N Fish, Shade Hotel) has radically remodeled the Manhattan Beach space last home to Michi, creating Mucho Ultima Mexicana, a modern Baja fantasy of margaritas, ceviche and more serious entrees like Chilean sea bass; the prices are low, the bar is long and the place to sit is at one of the tables by the floor-to-ceiling windows, which roll open on a warm day.

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