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Suggested headline: Reduce "Waiting for the Bill" Time
Ever been on a bad date, ask for the bill and waited in awkward silence for an eternity before it actually came? Luckily a new Point of Sales (POS) technology has started popping up in neighborhood eateries. 
The cozy storefront restaurant Amarone Kitchen + Wine may be small, but it has the large advantage of a leading edge POSitouch system — and an outstanding Swordfish Carpaccio. “We take the order, it’s instantly delivered to the kitchen, everything moves smoothly,” said owner Alessandro Polastri. “Our food is our greatest asset, our system let’s us all concentrate on it which is truly the key to our success. I couldn’t imagine running a restaurant without it.”
Matt Steiger, Custom Business Solutions (CBS) added, “Amarone Kitchen uses an IP based credit card process system, so even when they’re processing credit cards the transaction is going several times faster than traditional methods.”
Alessandro continued, “I’m not the most technical person around. I needed a lot of help when I started. The CBS support center has always been on the dot, when I call they always pick-up right away.”
“Today, it makes me a lot more efficient.” He added confidently, “What I really like is it takes me two minutes to cash out at night. All the receipts are totaled into the system. I don’t know how I’d run my restaurant without it.”
POS devices come in a number of sizes, and with various functionalities. Hospitality is just a small part of the almost $6 billion dollar industry. From a business standpoint it increases accuracy and helps track sales and revenue. 
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About: CBS provides a full range of restaurant technology products and services for the restaurant and hospitality industry throughout the Western U.S. From the comprehensive NorthStar Enterprise Framework to fully integrated POSitouch point-of-sale systems, comprehensive training or contract maintenance services, CBS provides operators of all sizes with effective POS and reporting systems to drive their business.
Amarone Kitchen + Wine is a cozy storefront restaurant located near Sunset Blvd landmarks the Whisky and the Viper Room. This fine Italian restaurant is known for the quality of flavor in its dishes and the friendliness of their staff. When you eat here, you’ve found one of LA’s best secrets.

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